A Lifetime of Friendship :)

Yesterday, I got to usher in the Lunar New Year with a handful of really great girls who I’ve been friends with since we were, well, girls 🙂 We met way back in our freshman year in college and though we weren’t all immediate friends, it wasn’t long before we were able to form such a great bond and it does seem that we’ve had a lifetime of friendship between us already 🙂 I do admit there have been some falling outs every now and then, and there had been times that we’d go months without talking, but at the end, I do know I am soooo lucky to have these girls as my friends. Albeit so many things have changed, the core of who we are are still the same. I mean, for one we used to shop for useless things, like lip gloss and outfits for dates, dresses for our debuts and graduations and stuff but now it’s wedding dresses and christening gowns. Before we used to just laugh at how taxis and jeep parts would just be falling apart, now we worry about how our cars are so hard to maintain. But yesterday as we hung out, just us girls, no husbands, no children, no boyfriends, it made me remember how much we really are the same girls we used to be.

For that I am blessed. Happy Lunar New Year, folks 🙂

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