Open Up and Fly

A week ago today I had the pleasure of chatting with a yoga teacher I hadn’t practiced with for a long time. As always I got to the studio quite early, and so we had quite a bit of time to catch up.  We talked not just about the practice, per se, but also quite a bit about how yoga is really more than asanas. I couldn’t agree more. I told her how about how yoga has been such a wonderful gift to me this year. It has helped me weather the greatest of storms and allowed me to get to know myself better in ways I never would have imagined. I told her, too, how through the practice I saw sides of me I didn’t know existed…the girl who was carefree and happy, the me who was open and willing to try new things, the me who just was. It was quite interesting how she said something about how, upon meeting me, she felt like i was a free spirit and we laughed at how I said I thought of myself as the opposite.  That got me to thinking about how I often force myself to fit a mold that has been designed for me. I have, in many ways, caged that spirit.

And so in class, I set my intention that I be able to find the courage to soar. After all, they say a caged bird never sings right? And I thought that it’s about time I allow my heart and soul to sing again. In savasana, I watched myself open up my hands and fly. While having lunch, I glanced up at the little corner of the cafe I was in and saw this…

Open the door, Ri. fly. That was the Universe’s message and Christmas present to me, I’d like to believe.

The next day, I drove to this pretty little sanctuary down south and did just that. I flew on a pretty silken cocoon through AntiGravity yoga 🙂

It was the best Christmas gift I have ever received and for that I will eternally be grateful. Who needs a new mat or a yogitoes towel when you can have the gift of flight, right? Har. I am, however, looking forward to the mat my sister sent me for Christmas. I still love mat time, after all 🙂

Merry Christmas, my friends. I wish you happiness and joy. I wish you the courage to fly as well, in whatever way, shape or form this may be. Most of all, I wish you love.

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