More Laughs With RX’s The Morning Rush!

One of my favorite things to do in the morning (and believe me there aren’t many because I HATE waking up early in the morning!) is listen to RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar as I drive to work. They always, always crack me up! Today was no exception. I kept laughing out loud at how they were trying to teach the other DJ, Gino, how to pronounce the word“tubo” (pipe in English) correctly. In Filipino, the word can be pronounced in three different ways to mean different things. He couldn’t get it! It was soooo funny I literally was laughing out loud and I could barely breathe! It was funny how the conversation started, actually. They were just talking about the Top 10 (a daily survey kinda thing they do) and they started talking about how some people like making people do things while in costume, such as a French maid’s uniform, a shirtless gardeners outfit or even a nurse uniform for no good reason at all. So when he talked about the gardener, he said he should hose them down with a tubo. And the riot began from there!!! I know this blog post doesn’t do it any justice, but I just had to share my random bit of sunshine for the day. If you find a podcast for todays show, do download it and see how funny it is for yourselves!

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