Blog Revamping

I realized that I have more blogs that I can handle. Not that I’m complaining, however. I just realized that I haven’t been so true to the way I wanna manage my blogs, to the point that my posts kinda overrun each other. As I was browsing through my archives here, I realized I have forgotten what my goal with this blog was. It’s really, as the header says, to blog about life’s hits and misses. In short, it would be to offer information about what’s out there and what I think about it. However, because I have fallen so deeply in love with yoga, all I write about it is that. So I decided to get a new domain just for that instead 🙂 It will be called Archetypes and Asanas dot com. Cool, huh? Watch out for my yoga posts there.Now, as for my self-help, insights and melodramatic life posts (haha), they will now move on to Thought Bubble Project dot com, so please visit me there too.

But here, please expect to see more reviews, more information, more ideas and the like to get you to thinking about life’s hits and misses 🙂

Share your opinion! Post your thoughts.

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