Pamper Me Spa Days

I am  not a very big fan of spas but I do enjoy a good massage from time to time. I prefer having them done at home, though, mainly because I get too self-conscious about doing these things in public places. Although, yes, I do know that many spas have great facilities and that it is quite “private”. Nonetheless, I like home service better.

A few weeks ago, however, I finally decided to give the Mandarine spa near my yoga place a try. I tried their hand and foot reflexology combo package. All I can say is OH MY GOSH. It was soooo worth it. It cost about Php 800 for the 90 minute treatment, but like I said, it was worth it. I don’t really like those exfoliating scrubs (I think for some pricier spas they even offer scrubs with dead sea minerals) because I get tickled but when they did the rub on my hand, it was soooo nice 🙂 I’d love to go back soon and get another treatment 🙂

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