Just A Random Room Makeover

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy myself a new bed. It was quite a random decision on my part, and to be honest, it was an impulsive one. Nonetheless I went with it and never regretted making such a choice. Over the long weekend, it finally arrived and since I had a new bed to put in my room, I decided to might as well do a little room makeover. I rearranged the furniture, cleaned out the stuff in and around my closet, and even unearthed a whole bunch of stuff, such as curtains and quilts, that made my room look much homier.

I decided to place the bed near the windows, as opposed to where it used to be which was at the corner by the wall, and so I needed to hang up some curtains, especially since I do get the morning sun in that side of the room. By the end of the night, this is how my room looked 🙂

Pretty, right? But yes, I do realize I need new curtains. I do think those are so old fashioned and outdated already. Maybe that will be my next project 🙂 And the cross-stitched quilt!!! As for now, this will do 🙂

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