Forever and Happily Ever After

Back in the day when I believed in fairy tales, love at first sight and forever-happily-ever-after, I started a little project. I decided I wanted to make a quilt, one to lay on a baby’s crib.

Suffice it to say there hasn’t been a crib, save for that purple plastic box lined with old towels and rags when Joe arrived. And so I packed away that dream of a pretty little quilt for a teeny tiny bed and forgot completely about it. Granted it took a long, long, LONG time to forget about that particular dream (perhaps more like the ideal picture of that dream), but eventually, I did forget. I never did stop dreaming of the baby, I must admit, but the image of the family in my head I did  let go off eventually.

Today as I was weeding out my closet, tucked in a little box in the corner that I hadn’t seen in say, four years or so since I packed it away there, I came across the little project I had started.

Hmmm….When I first saw it, I drew in a sharp breath and well, to be honest, didn’t know how to feel about it. Was I happy, was I sad, was I hurt?? I dunno…seriously. But after taking in several deep breaths, I looked through what I had done and felt myself smile a bit. And as I browsed through the pieces, I got a text message from my friend saying my new bed is due to arrive on Saturday. Maybe it’s time to see this project through…it may not be for a baby’s crib, but maybe it was meant for me, to remind me to keep on dreaming, and more so, to believe that, although forever’s aren’t always forever and happily ever afters aren’t always the way you think or imagine they are, dreams do come true…somehow, someday, in the way that’s just right for you.

And the thing is, you’ll never know till you get there. So just keep dreaming, Ri, keep dreaming and stop packing it up in boxes when it doesn’t work out.

random comment….I was tamad to fix the exposure of the shots hehe…it looks better in person, I promise 🙂


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