The Wounded Healer

I don’t often click on news links posted on Facebook, especially when it comes to political posts, but for some reason, when I saw this link posted by Blog Watch, I found myself compelled to click it.

Beyond the content of the article, something Raissa Robles shared on her post hit home hard to me. It read:

All healers are wounded healers, as Henri Nouwen said so well. There is no other kind. In fact, you are often most gifted to heal others precisely where you yourself were wounded or wounded others.

You learn to salve the wounds of others by knowing and remembering how much it hurts to hurt. Often this memory comes from the realization of your past smallness and immaturity, your selfishness, your false victimhood, and your cruel victimization of others. It is often painful to recall or admit, yet this is also the grace of lamenting and grieving over how we have hurt others.

I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it for now, or I don’t even wanna try to figure it out. All I know is that there’s gotta be a reason why I found myself randomly reading the news right? I’ll let that sit with me tonight.

If you want to read the full context of that quote, please check out Ms. Robles’ article here.

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