Old Shoe, New Shoe

Sometime ago I wrote a post about this pair of stilettos I fell in love with. I wrote about how, despite the pain it would give me, I kept wearing it every chance I got. Then one day I told a friend of mine that maybe it was time to get rid of those shoes and replace them instead. They hurt too much already, I had said.

Nothing brings more pain than too much pleasure - Benjamin Franklin

She wisely replied that sometimes you just need to put it aside and give your feet a break from it and not really throw them away or discard them. Maybe after a recovery period, she goes, the shoes won’t hurt so much. That made sense, after all, stilettos do tend to be unkind to the feet. And so I took her advice and lovingly placed those favorite pair of stilettos in its box and set it aside for the meantime.

And then I forgot about it.

Last week, however, I was rummaging for something to wear and came across those stilettos again and decided to wear it once more. It felt a little funny at first, to have them on my feet, but after some time, it did bring that warm feeling back to me and it made me smile. I wore those shoes the whole day and noticed that they didn’t hurt as bad anymore.

But then I made the mistake of wearing it three days in a row and then remembered why I put it aside in the first place. Maybe my friend was right when she said sometimes, we have those shoes that we wear once in a while but must not overuse as the feet need a time out to recover a day or two from wearing it.

And so for now, I put aside those shoes again, but not inside the box this time, but just on my shoe rack. That way I won’t forget it is there for me to enjoy every once in a while. But yes, this time I will remember not to wear out the pleasure it brings by forcing it upon my feet way too often. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, nothing brings more pain than too much pleasure.

I guess I was reminded today today is that maybe I should wear different shoes more often. Sometimes the occasion calls for a new pair of shoes, sometimes it allows for a reunion with an old one that was once very much loved. Sometimes, too, there is a need to just wear flip flops or something that offers casual comfort, just like an old friend.

Much as those pretty stilettos brings my much pleasure (and yes, I do enjoy the attention it brings!), I set myself up for pain in the end. Maybe if I wore them less often and in the right time (yes, I used to wear my stilettos even for preschool teaching, obviously not very wise, right?), they wouldn’t break as easily or hurt my feet so badly.

And yes, maybe if I gave my feet a break from those shoes more often, then maybe, just maybe, I can find myself walking through the day better.

Photo credit: “if the shoe fits” by Steven Leggett, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

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