The only thing that I can think of to explain my crazy little Joe’s behavior is that he’s discombobulated. Either that or he’s just plain old stoopid. Har.

Seriously….my Bubba never gave me this much trouble. In the last three weeks or so look what he’s chewed on:

Let’s not forget the pair of Havianas, the red shoes, and x number of pencils he has chewed on. Oh…and my leggings that I went to school with that had holes in them apparently. Duh.

Today he bit of Baby Jesus’ head from our little altar. Sigh. Hehe.

I got to thinking why he seems so hard to train, or perhaps where in the process I am going wrong in housebreaking him. Up to now, he still is minimally housebroken and he chews on EVERYTHING.

My mom says I have to discipline him more consistently. The thing is, I DO! Every time I catch him doing something like chew on my phone or nibble on wires, I spank him and punish him. The thing is I think I give him mixed signals. After I scold him, I give him a bit of a punishment and then later on, I give him something to chew on, like a chew toy or the like. Maybe he’s not getting the idea that there are some things that CAN be chewed on and others that CANNOT be chewed on.

Maybe because I allow him to chew on them in the first place, he thinks the act is okay.Thus I place him in a state of discombobulation…on one hand I say no but on the other, I say yes. Ewan. Basta all I know is that I don’t know what to do right now 🙁  Send me Cesar Milan please.

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