Remembering the Dunkin Bunwich

Here’s a quick break from the drama I have been posting these past few days hehe 🙂 Today I did my usual thing in the hospital where I do some psych work in and because I was alone for a change (I usually have a colleague or two working on the same day as me but this time it just so happened to be me) I decided to eat somewhere other than KFC where we usually eat. After all, it was kinda lonely to eat by myself in a place where I usually have companions, right (yes, I am sentimental that way haha). I had planned to just get something in 711 but as I was walking down the street, I saw a sign behind this store that had large amplifiers on the outside of their store (yes, they would be mistaken for Energy subwoofer speaker sellers). It read “Dunkin Donuts”. Funny, right? Who would have thought there was a Dunkin stall behind all those large speakers that were blaring all sorts of annoying songs.

Anyway, I decided to go get myself some munchkins and when I went in, I saw that the stall still carried the Dunkin bunwiches. Woot. I got myself a bacon, coleslaw and tomato one 🙂 I remember though that they used to come as croissants, right? Nonetheless it was a yummy enough lunch 🙂 And that is one thing I was grateful for today!

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