Just Like Old Times

I often think Bubba has never really forgiven me for bringing Joe into the family 🙁

Much as they have learned to get along and they bring so much joy to me as a whole, I think there’s a little part of Bubba that changed because of my seemingly random decision. He seems less happy than he used to be. Then again, maybe he has just gotten old 🙁 He still runs to greet me when I get home and he snuggles next to me like we used to but because Joe is around, he doesn’t stay next to me anymore like before. When we go out for walks, he tolerates his brother but I feel less of a “bounce” in his step.  Maybe it’s just my imagination but I just feel like I broke him somehow by taking in a new dog,  even though my purpose for getting a new dog was so he’d have company.

Yesterday, however, I decided to take Bubba out for a looooong walk, just him and me, like old times. When we got home, he readily greeted Joe and then went on as usual. At bedtime, however, he immediately went back to his old place in the bed, right next to me, and stayed there almost the entire night.

It was such a nice feeling to have him there, and this afternoon, when I took a nap, for some reason Joe decided to stay outside of the room and let Bubba and me be together, just the two of us, for a bit. We had a good hour and a half long nap and when I got up, it was the old familiar Bubba’s face I saw 🙂

I suppose he just needed some time to be reminded of his place in the family, yes?  It reminded me of how my sister would often joke me about my things making “tampo” when it is about to get replaced (remember how the lcd of that old nokia (or was it the motorola? the one that needed phased out rzr parts to be repaired? haha) suddenly broke on the day when I was complaining that the phone was ugly na and needed replacing??? nagtampo raw kaya nasira! haha). And so yes, maybe Bubba was feeling that way and so I decided that maybe from now on, I should take the boys out on their separate walks and special trips every now and then and not always at the same time. After all, this is often times a recommendation I make in my psychological evaluations and I always highlight how making each child (yes, I know my children are dogs but just go with it!!! haha) feel affirmed and reminded of their value.

I am hoping that I have a long weekend or break soon so I can take Bubba to the beach again…maybe that will do us some good…just him and me, like old times 🙂

I do look forward, however, to also doing little trips with just Joe. And more especially to those trips I can do with both my boys with me 🙂

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