Contagion: Like a Wildfire in a Bush

Last night (at long last!) I got to catch movie night with several of my blogger friends. I was so glad to have had the chance to see the press screening of the upcoming movie, Contagion, and yes, even if I was sneezy and wheezy (but not contagious I promise!) I made sure to make my way to the Mall of Asia Imax theater for the screening. I was extra glad to have been invited to see the movie because flicks like this one are really the kinds of movies I like watching.

The film features big name stars Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet in a thriller film that is quite timely and relevant especially given the recent threat of the new strain of bird flu in this part f the world. Contagion is a film about the spread of a deadly epidemic and the CDC/World Health Organizations quest to find out more about the deadly virus and how it can be contained.

I must say it was quite a captivating movie, although admittedly, the plot lines are somewhat familiar and a wee bit predictable. Think Outbreak with Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo of years ago. Nonetheless it still is an good film to watch. I like how the film was not too “pretty” (for lack of a better word! teehee) and that the actors didn’t seem to mind looking old and wrinkly and not-so-pretty. I guess making them look that way really captured the emotions of the film even more. Even the costumes and wardrobe was quite simple (but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice! hehe. I loved Marion Cotillards outfits, after all. But yeah, the hospital workers had traditional suits on and no wink scrubs to make it look cute or what not haha). To some degree it kind of reminded me to focus on the basics and be reminded of the goodness of the human spirit. And of how life can indeed be quite short. Lastly, I like how the movie posed very interesting points about the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies when it comes to dealing with biohazards such as live viruses, as well as the role social media plays (weee…my thesis is relevant after all mwahaha) in the spreading of information like a wildfire in a bush, so to speak.

Contagion is distributed by Warner Bros. and is set to open today in cinemas around the city.

Oh oh oh…but the major disappointment of the film was this….

Jude Law 🙁 No, not his acting (and yes, I do love the fact that he was a blogger haha!) but but but….he was not as gwapo as usual. Teeheehee.


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