When in doubt…shop :)

Many would say when in doubt, dance. Or sing. Or do nothing for that matter. For me, when in doubt, I shop. Haha.

Yes, Little Miss Shopaholic me struck again :) Teeheee. Today I was anxious about a whole bunch of things and so I gave in to the stirring inside of me that yelled, go shopping, go shopping!!! Not the wisest choice, I must say, but I guess all I can say is “oh well…”. Harhar.

Seriously though, I kinda needed the outfit (mwihihi…do you see me rationalizing now??? Ohonoooess!!!). I need it for an upcoming presentation that I have to make in about two weeks. I know I could have used the time to write my paper or work more on the other stuff that needs to be accomplished but well…I needed something to get my mind off the intellectual stuff and just chill for a bit.

So I headed down to the bright sunshine store (also known as Forever 21 that always, always makes me smile :) Yep…I drove all the way to Megamall just to visit the Sunshine Store.

To make a long story short, a quick shopping spree left me with a mini dent in my credit card. Egaaaad. Suffice it to say I got the most fabulous pantsuit that I cannot wait to wear. To be fair, I stopped myself from picking out too many accessories for the outfit…at least for now!!! I sure would love a nice pair of earrings, kinda inspired like those royal wedding earrings Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William, although I think big gold hoops would look much better with the outfit.

Now…as for the other stuff I bought…there is no redemption for that… :) But lemme just say that little spot of sunshine sure made my day :)

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