Taking the Sunshine Store Addiction Online!!!

Last night my blogger friend and guru  Pehpot crowned me the Forever 21 princess. Harhar :) Yes, I have done a lot of crazy things because of the Sunshine Store…it has definitely overcome my love for Kamiseta, my affection for Bayo and is now the home of my heart (yes, melodramatic much over shopping!). Funny thing, much as I have become such a F21 fashionista (even to the point that people text me to ask if there’s a sale and whether or not there are stocks available haha), I have no fashion blog yet. Teehee.

Anyway, going back to Pehpot, she is hosting a dot com domain giveaway and of course when I saw the domain that had Forever 21 in it, I knew I wanted it right away :) So please help me take the sunshine store home with me by liking the MAKE OR BREAK PAGE on Facebook ! She is giving away a whole lot of other domain names so do check out the DOT COM Domain Giveaway by Tech Pehpot !

As for me, this Sunshine Store princess has her fingers crossed!!!

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