Yoga Bear

When I first discovered yoga, a good friend of mine quipped that I am her yogi bear. She said she was really happy I found my way to the practice and since practitioners are called yogi’s and that I give great bear hugs, I am not a yogi bear. Haha.

The other day, when I went to yoga class, one of my classmates had the cutest shirt…it had the classic cartoon character Yogi Bear in yoga poses!!! SOOOO CUTE!!! I tried to find a similar image online but couldn’t. She said she bought it in one of the local department stores in the section with all the adult tee shirts that have cute designs that are either spoofs or inspired by cartoon characters, all for such affordable prices. She said it was like less than 200 pesos only!

I really wish I get to see one of those shirts when I go to the store. Fingers crossed!!!

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