The Story Behind the Pretty Blue Sweater

Oh hai there pretty blue sweater 🙂

Pretty, right? There’s quite a funny story behind that sweater, let me tell ya. It started out from a random shopping expedition with my yoga teachers and friends after class yesterday morning. One of my teachers was like, wait, come with us, I’ll show you a place that has really nice stuff for yoga. And of course, kaladkarin me came along. Gawd…love 🙂 I saw the blue sweater already and I wanted to get it but I stopped myself because I really didn’t need it after all. I did get myself a yoga top and a pair of pants though teehee.

Anyway, I went home and got ready for work. For some reason, I decided to wear slacks instead of the usual dresses I wear for school and topped it off with a blouse. On my way to school however, I had a fashion emergency. Seriously…as I reached for something in the back seat, I heard my shirt go riiiiipppppp…..and no…it wasn’t a small tear like the kind that you’d only notice if you had a magnifying glass or decided to look through those ncstar binoculars haha. It was a BIG rip on the side body. Egaad. And for some strange reason, I did not have a cardigan, a shawl or a cover-up available in the car, as I often do.

And so something my yoga teacher said earlier that morning hit me: there’s a branch of this store in Cash and Carry, you can always pass by on your way to school. And so there…I had a reason to get the pretty blue sweater.

🙂 Teehee.

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