Missing the Playground

I have been so caught up in grown up work these past few weeks that I can’t help but miss being a preschool teacher even more than usual 🙁 I feel so old all of a sudden…like I have aged a hundred years all of a sudden. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, I know, but seriously, I miss being silly. I miss standing on my tippy toes and running in the grassy fields. I miss playing with sand and climbing the slides. I miss painting with my hands and getting all sticky in glue.  Sigh. I can’t help but wish my grown up world had space for the kid in me….I wish there were grown up playgrounds I tell ya…complete with one of those connecticut jungle gyms installed in it….I wish I didn’t have to read journal articles and instead I could read The Rainbow Fish and The Giving Tree again….

To be fair, this grown up world I am in now also has lots of good things in store. For today, however, I miss my playground 🙁

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