Lazy Rainy Saturdays

I’ve never been a big fan of lazy, rainy Saturdays. I’m not the type to curl up in bed with an ebook reader an a hot cup of cocoa on such days. While some people long for it — thrive in it for that matter — I hate it to bits.  It is the kind of day that challenges me to bits and makes me feel lost and confused about many things around me. Or at least it used to 🙂

Today, except for the 90 minutes I spent in a yoga practice, I literally spent the day doing nothing but curl up in bed with Piper (my iPad) and just read through random stuff. Oh such a lazy, rainy day I tell ya. And I guess unlike most rainy days, this wasn’t so bad 🙂

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    Posted by mel on July 9th, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I looove lazy saturdays, and sundays, too! Gloomy or not. Rest like that is so good for the exhausted like us 🙂

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