Growing Up

I  think the theme of the past month for me has really been about growing up. It’s been quite a challenge, I must say. I have been thinking about making serious changes in my life and I guess this is really what growing up is all about, right?

For one, I am seriously trying to think about the current state of my finances. I realized I don’t make very wise spending choices.  And so I am thinking about checking out investing in those insurance plans and so I’m checking out sites like Wholesaleinsurance.net. My colleagues from the clinic I work in are also set to meet with someone to talk about investments. This might be a good thing for me, right? I should really stop shopping for clothe and eating out and the like and so this might be a good option.

I’m also seriously making changes in terms of my educational status. It’s been overwhelmingly difficult to get started, but I’m really hoping to make better strides this week (so help me God!).

Lastly, I am trying out this whole “keeping my mouth shut” kinda thing. I realized I often blurt out things without thinking about it (yes, quite like an impulsive child) and so, as a friend once told me, I’m finally learning how to be still and silent.

I will admit, however, that from time to time, this growing up thing can be exhausting…

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