Grocery Rants

I used to love going to the grocery. It used to be a fun place for me as a child, but I guess as you grow up and the bills become yours, it takes on a different meaning haha. Seriously though, for some reason the grocery seems to tap into a lot of my negative emotions…from attachment to food, frustrations regarding parenting, impulse control and so on and so forth. I don’t know, but there are some groceries that really just tap into my pet peeves. For example, it frustrates me when the grocery I go to has one of those fashioned registers without those barcode scanners. It takes so much longer for the cashier to ring up purchases after all, right? I mean, that’s why these things were created in the first place, to make things much, much easier. Also, it frustrates me when groceries constantly rearrange and move products from one aisle to another. Sure it’s okay if you’re making space for new products but to change aisles from week to week is simply annoying!

Yes…this post is coming from the fact that I have to go to the grocery  now. Haha. I’m off. Wish me luck.



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