Diet Challenges…

These past two weeks and a half have been a serious challenge to my weight loss efforts, I tell ya. Call me hormonal, call me weak, call me hungry…I don’t know. All I can say is that I found myself eating and eating and eating. Sigh 🙁 This is one of those times I kind of wish I could rely on some diet pills that work. While it may not be a “permanent” fix, it sure can help me get the ball rolling, right?

Well, until I decide on that, here are some things I plan to do in the meantime:

  • drink more water
  • quit it with the rice!
  • oatmeal please.
  • go with more fresh food (veggies and fruits)
  • more tea!
  • get back to regularly practicing yoga
  • STOP with the chocolates!!!!

Egaad. Wish me luck.


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