Sitting Still

At the beginning of my soul work with my wise old sage not too long ago, she told me one thing. Ria, she says, please do this. When you feel uncertain or sad or as if you are standing on shifting sands, just sit with it. Don’t try to analyze it, don’t try to figure it out and most of all, don’t try to get out of it. Sit with it, get to know it, and welcome it for a bit, allowing it time and space to be.


Yes, that’s how I answered her when she said that. After all, why on earth would I want to welcome such dark emotions, right? I am the girl of golden sunshine, remember? I thrive in the warmth of the sun’s embrace and darkness was always, always to be shunned.

Over time I realized what she meant. And so throughout our soul work I learned to sit with discomfort, but admittedly, there were days that were more of a struggle while some were easy.

These past few days have been exactly that and in my last few yoga practices, I had prayed for peace. For grace. For resolution. Then today I opened up a book that was given to me and this is what it told me:


Earlier this evening I was trying to figure out and analyze what’s been going on with me and around me and I guess I needed to be reminded to just sit with it, taking comfort in knowing that all these will pass, and more so, when it passes, it would have left me lessons that make me a better me.

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