Marketing and Party Planning Made Easy :)

A few months ago I got so into making all those personalized products like note pads, pillow cases, and even dog tags and umbrellas online. It was via one of those online photo sharing sites and I enjoyed making a lot of them especially since I got to make use of my favorite photos and designs. Add to that was the fact that there were a whole lot of ready made templates that made designing my own products so easy. Although I ordered items that were mostly just for me and Bubba,  I realized now that they would also make great promotional products for small businesses and the like. It can even be great for party giveaways and tokens!

Now that a new school year is starting (one that I sadly am not part of :() I was telling my former co-teacher that it might be a good idea to order customized pens or bags or even those promotional key chains with the logo of the school as little tokens for the new enrollees or what not. It could serve as a great way to get the school’s image out in the open a little bit more. Of course the idea came a little bit to late, but she said maybe when it’s time to order Christmas goodies or perhaps graduation materials throughout the school year, she could try ordering these things instead of having the teachers make the little souvenirs we used to do. When we were computing it, it actually comes out more reasonable to actually order these things and it’s much more practical in terms of time and resources.

This is one of the many things I miss about being in the preschool…making things that are so cute and commemorate every little occasion that the preschoolers go through. Lucky for me I still am good friends with our school directress, as well as the teachers that I used to work with, so maybe even if I’m not officially employed this school year with them, I can still participate in these little things every now and then 🙂

Hmmm….this got me to thinking….maybe I should just go into party planning…whatchathink??? 🙂 I’d make lots of cutesy giveaways! All I’d really need is my computer, a good internet connection and lots of creativity on board….lemme think about it!!!


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