I Wanna Paint Walls….

The other day in yoga class we (my teacher and classmates) were kidding around about how work keeps getting in the way of time for our practice. It’s true…since I went back to work, I’ve missed so many days of yoga class whereas during my vacation, I went almost every day! Well, 30 days straight to be exact. My teacher then quipped “don’t go to work anymore, let’s just yoga!”.  We all had a good laugh and then after a while, one of the girls said, ya know, honestly, I’d just really like to cut hair. Another one said she wanted to do something very different from her line of work too and I said that for me, I really wanted to paint walls.  I wanna paint them with bright brilliant colors and with pretty, pretty designs like butterflies and flowers and the like….kinda like this one, which is actually my bedroom wall 🙂

Pretty right? My mom was a little upset that I painted on the wall (but it’s just poster paint so she kinda chilled after a bit haha) and said I should have just painted on a canvas or a paper then scanned it and had it enlarged so that those tarpaulin or flyer printing companies can print it and install it in my door. That way it’s not permanently on the wall and I can take it should I decide to move out and get my own place. Of course it’s a little too late for that now, but in hindsight, she’s right 🙂

Anyway, going back to my point…if I had a say in things, and if I could afford to do something other than the work I do now, I would really, really love to paint walls.

If you had a choice, what would you do? Care to share?



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