I Missed the Centennial Celebration :(

Yes, I know it only happens once every 100 years but I was so sick I couldn’t even get out of bed so I had to miss the grand De La Salle University 100 years of La Sallian presence in the Philippines bash. Sadness. Although, yeah, I’m not really a full-fledged La Sallian (um, my undergrad degree is from UP after all, and my graduate school degree is still pending even after all this time toink), but I still love being part of that community.

Many do not know this about me, perhaps, but when I was applying for college, DLSU was my top choice of schools. That’s where I really, really wanted to go. Most of my family came from there too, so it was really what I was expecting for myself. I did pass the entrance exams to the University and I was set to enroll there when my lolo gave me such an interesting proposition that I could not turn down.

Because I also passed the entrance exam to UP (which, at first, I only took because the rest of my batch took it), he said, why  not go there. My mom was a little surprised, actually, because during her time, my grandfather was adamant about her not going there. Anyway, he went on to talk about how many people take that test and how so many do not make it and there I was, giving up a golden opportunity. To sweeten the deal he said, okay, how about this…your choice: if you go to DLSU, well and good. I will support you. If you go to UP, well and good. I will support you. And give you a car to go there.

Errr…hello… 🙂 Choice clear, right?

Sure we did not have air conditioned classrooms, a well-organized and stocked library or a dlp projector installed in every classroom, but I learned so much there and I loved it very much.

Years later, however, I fulfilled my dream of studying in the Green School by enrolling in the Clinical Psychology program of the Psychology Department for my graduate studies. Suffice it to say it has opened up so many doors for me in countless ways. For one, because of that choice and the way things fell into place, I ended up being part of the faculty of the psychology department and I love how this has made me such a better person.

While I may not completely bleed green, as the call it, I am honored to call myself a La Sallian. I am thankful for the many opportunities the University has given me and I am even more grateful for the family I have gained because of it.

And so though I missed the Centennial Celebration, I join my fellow La Sallians in saying, ANIMO LA SALLE! 🙂



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