Bye Bye Bad Photos! No More Failed Shots with Samsung 2 View!

As I mentioned in my past posts, one of my favorite features in Sammy (my dual LCD Samsung camera) is the fact that I can take great selfies because of the front LCD feature the camera has. This dual screen, coupled with the Beauty Shot setting of the Samsung 2View Cameras, makes for the best self-portraits because you can actually see what you’re capturing, rather than the usual “let’s see if we all fit in the frame while I hold this camera in front of us” style others have to settle for with single LCD cameras.


Samsung 2View Cameras

Just recently, Samsung gave two lucky Facebook fans a Samsung 2View Camera each. Sadly I was not one of them, haha. In any case, they have a great new promo now highlighting their goal to say goodbye to bad shots forever! By simply joining their Bye Bye Bad Photo contest, you can have the chance to win one of three Samsung ST700 cameras. The mechanics are simple:

With a Samsung 2View camera, you can definitely say bye bye to bad photos like my contest entry:

Davao Jump Shot Fail!!!

We all know how hard it is to get a good jump shot, right? Especially when it’s a group jump shot! This is a classic example of that difficulty—if you agree with me do vote for my entry haha! Anyway, my friends and I were in Davao a couple of years ago and we tried our best (I should say bestest haha) but to our dismay, we could not get a decent jump shot. With the Jump shot feature of the Samsung 2View, everyone can jump at the right time because it has a visual count down on the front LCD so everyone can anticipate the exact moment to jump. It also takes three shots in quick succession to capture that exact moment.

Besides eliminating failed jump shots, the Samsung 2View camera also features a Child mode which captures kids (especially babies!) attentions so they look straight at the camera rather than all over the place.

SO….do you want your own Samsung 2View? Dig up Wrong Angle, Jump Shot Fail and Baby Gets Bored shots and log on to their Facebook page and join now 🙂 Good luck!!!


click and join now!

If you won one of these cameras, how would you make the most of this unique 2view feature??? 🙂 Do share your ideas by leaving me a comment!

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    Posted by pehpot on June 26th, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    that camera rocks! thumbs up for samsung 🙂

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