Going the Healthy Way

Just last night, a friend of mine (who incidentally happens to be my yoga teacher as well haha) posted a link to my wall for this groupon to a vegan restaurant in Makati. Her comment: this will be a good alternative to your Chili’s [lunches]….teeeheehee..

It was funny because as I have made so many changes in my lifestyle with regards to my weight loss, there are a few things I still have trouble giving up: peanut butter m&m’s and pink fuzzy drinks from Chili’s to be precise 🙂 Granted I know they are so unhealthy, I think that having this in moderation isn’t so bad anyway 🙂 Teehee. Rationalize, Ri, rationalize.

Seriously though, I have come to realize that the reason for which I have always struggled with weight is because I have made weight loss only a temporary fix and not a long-term lifestyle goal.

I have not kept it a secret that I have struggled with weight throughout my life, right? I have tried all sorts of diets, did all sorts of exercises but I have never managed to keep my weight down. It occurred to me this past year that the reason why I keep yo-yoing up and down with weight is because I have always made weight loss just a goal, but not a lifestyle. What needs to be done, I realized, it to make changes not just for the meantime, but to make positive changes in my lifestyle. I realized I shouldn’t just work on reducing the amount of food I eat, but I must go the healthy way and make more positive changes that are long term and permanent.

I may not be ready to give going completely vegan or raw or what not a shot, I am willing to change my food choices. Granted that going organic or healthy tends to be a little more expensive (sadly so), I will still try my best. One big step forward I have taken is drinking more water. Another is introducing more healthy stuff to my body, such as green teas (and no, not just the bottled ones) and much as I dislike it, I have started taking wheatgrass juice. I still don’t like the way it tastes much, but it’s slowly starting to grow (pardon the pun!) on me.

Besides wheatgrass, I am also trying to eat more oatmeal and lessen my consumption of red meat, rice, and yes, those pink fuzzy yummy stuff in Chilis. The wheatgrass and oats are supposedly very good to detoxify the body and can be like a colon cleanser as the fiber it contains help sweeps away the bad stuff from the body.

Of course another thing I have added to my healthy lifestyle is regular yoga sessions and I have made a conscious decision to lessen my exposure to stressful situations, avoiding negative emotions (especially through chismis or gossiping in Facebook and Plurk!) and to learn to just relax.

Wish me luck.


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