Blame it on the Weather

I soooo love summer.

I really, really do.

While everybody else around me is complaining of the heat, I am thriving, relishing the warmth of the sun. Call me crazy but for some reason, this is the time of year when I’m most happy 🙂 This year, however, it’s a crazy summer so I find myself battling asthma every now and then, especially since the weather has been so erratic. It’s like crazy hot in the day then cool and breezy at night (sometimes it’s vice versa haha). The point is, the weather has been getting to me. Even my moods, I tell ya. On one hand I’m super happy but then a few hours or days later,  I’m so grumpy.

Anyhoo…I decided that in order for the weather to not get to me, I should start consciously doing something about it (well, at least for the physical part) like taking vitamins (oooh…maybe while mom’s in the states I should check out those sites like www.bestmultivitamin.org and order some and have her bring it home for me haha) and keeping myself hydrated better. I also try to be more mindful of the times I head out under the sun. Yes, I do love it but I guess I have to be more cautious to keep my health in check 🙂


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