Bitten by the Groupon Bug!!!


Like many of my internet friends, I have been bitten by the group coupon bug. What with so many upcoming groupon sites (such as Beeconomic/Groupon Philippines, Cash Cash Pinoy, Pakyaw, and Deal Grocer just to name a few), the temptation to shop is endless. From spa packages to overnight stays in hotels and even vacation deals, all of these are made so easy to purchase. What makes it worse is when you subscribe to the email notifications…all you need to do is hover to the button that says “click here to buy“and viola…you are taken into a whole new world of online shopping. Most of these group sites even take Paypal payments…talk about EASY PEASY shopping!!!

The danger, however, is that because it’s so easy, you can get so caught up in coupon-ing and before you know it, you’ve soooo overspent! And yes, this is me speaking from experience. Teehee.

Save me from this bug. Bow.

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