Big Brother Bubba!


Hello World!!! 🙂

Meet my new love… 🙂

This is Tequila Jones, Joe for short, my newest little boy 🙂 I initially wanted to name him just Tequila but my friend Char said it sounded a wee bit girly and that I would be emasculating this little man and so I decided to add the Jones part. And Joe seemed a fitting name to match his big brother Bubba’s name…yes, my boys are Bubba and Joe! Haha.

Bubba is a little upset at the fact that I brought home a puppy but he’s adjusting quite nicely, or so I’d like to believe. I’m kinda adjusting to it all and errr…my things….well, they’re suffering, after all, I don’t live in a metal building where he can’t chew on stuff right? And the toilet training…well…it’s driving me nuts!!!

But look at that face…so worth it right? 🙂 Wish me luck with this little boy!!!

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