Gypsy Wings

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore

I’ve been thinking (gah I should stop thinking I swear) maybe the reason why I never feel like I’ve found my “home” is because I really don’t belong anywhere to begin with.

Let me put it in context. As I said in a recent post, I am perhaps the epitome of irony of all ironies and the embodiment of what polar opposites really are.

People who know me (those who really, really know me I must say) would probably attest to the fact that I so hate change. I don’t deal with it well and I respond to it poorly…to the point that when change is coming, I tend to wrap myself up tightly into old familiar cocoons of safety, waiting for the danger to pass. However, in as much as I hate change, I have begun to realize that in the dark recesses of my shadow, I crave it to bits.

And today I so want a change. I need a change. DESPERATELY.

On no no no, this does not mean I am finally going to give in to the call of greener pastures in foreign lands nor does this mean totally abandoning who I have become. I believe, after all, that all these are essential elements of who I am.  I just need a change from the daily routine of things that have become just that: a routine. A tired old routine that’s not mine to begin with.

And so back to what I was thinking…maybe thats why i got a fairy tattooed on my back. i am a… gypsy at heart, a nomad who never really has a home in one place, but finds it in random places, never forever but just for a time.

Yes, maybe it’s time to spread these gypsy wings and look for new fields to land on.



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