Forever 21 in Makati to Open on April 8!

Forever 21 in Makati + Chilis in Greenbelt = keeeeeeeel me now.

Yes, two days to go till permanent credit card death for Yapatoots, I tell ya. I think if you’ve been reading my blog long enough you will know how much I have fallen in love with F21 and how often I spend my me days in Chilis for lunch. The only thing I was never able to do (well, except once) was have both these places in one location so I can go to it on the same day.

Well, thanks to SM Makati and Ayala Malls, I get the best of both worlds. Now if only my wallet can say the same thing. Hmmm….any one wanna give me an F21 gift card? I still have one of those Triple Play coupons for Chilis…that would be a great way to end my birthday cheat week. Anyone, anyone? 🙂

Haha. Forever 21 Makati is located by SM department store and if I’m not mistaken, is accessible via the Glorietta malls as well.

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