Let’s Go Back to Hogwarts!!!

The other day when I logged on to Facebook, I saw that one of my online friends had changed her profile picture to one where she is holding a wand and is pointing it towards a sign that says Hogwarts. I dismissed it initially as just another random thing people do but then today, it dawned on me that perhaps this is the start of the eager anticipation for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ long awaited sequel. If memory serves me right, it’s scheduled to come out in July,  so that makes it a little over a hundred days away, right???

I have always been a fan of the Harry Potter movie franchise, but to be honest, I’m not much of a reader. I remember reading the first three books but it took me forever to actually finish them because, like I said, I’m not really much of a reader. Well, maybe the right thing to say is that I don’t have much time to be one, even if I would want too. Anyway, although I know that watching the dvds of the entire series is not the same as actually reading it all, it will do 🙂

I am looking forward to really seeing the end of the Potter series, especially since I really don’t know what happened in the story. I’ve heard bits and pieces about it, but I still find out all on my own and I promise not to Google the ending or read the various wikis about Harry Potter until the end of the series!!!

Are you looking forward to going back to Hogwarts??? 🙂

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