Bubba’s New Loot

A few weeks ago I got a notice from the post office that I had a parcel from one of those photo sharing and personalizing sites I explored over the holidays. They were offering free products for new members and of course, who says no to freebies right? I liked it so much that I even told my sister about it so she can see if that would inspire her with something for her wedding favors. Online, I told her, are so many sites that offer quick, affordable and personalized gifts for anniversary, wedding, baptism or birthday. I would have loved to make her wedding favors as I have done for many of my friends, but due to the fact that I am here in Manila and she is all the way in Sacramento, it wouldn’t be cost-effective anymore. I showed her this photo of my dog with his new loot and she said she is considering my initial recommendation of just going online to get her favors. Unless, of course, she ends up with the personalized M&M’s that she wanted haha.

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