Bitten by the Bieber Fever

Okay…call me a late bloomer and all but um…there’s a song I can’t get out of my head. It goes: baby, baby, baby, ooooh! gaaaaawd! Yes, I have Bieber brain.  For our school’s moving up day, the teachers and the kids decided they wanted to play Bieber songs for the program and since then, I can’t get it out of my head. Couple this with the upcoming Bieber movie and um, there’s no escping the Bieber fever, right??? Haaay! Hehe 🙂 Gaaah…everyday of Baby Baby and Never Say Never (um…I think those are the titles haha).

Seriously though, I realized the whole fascination of the young ones for Justin Bieber must be very much like my fascination for NKOTB back in the day, right? I guess as much as there are lots of criticisms about him, he still is a pretty good role model for the tweens out there. This makes him an excellent spokesperson for certain issues and products, such as the Proactiv solution he endorses. In a way, having someone of his stature endorse this can allow tweens to feel more positive about their own self-image by letting them know that even people like Justin Bieber use things like the Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution to look the way he does and it’s not all there by some sheer miracle.

If I’m not mistaken, his movie comes out sometime end of March. Bieber fans can get a chance to see his movie for free! Proactiv is having a promo wherein the first 30 buyers can win tickets to the Justin Bieber movie. Follow Proactiv Solution Philippines on Facebook for more details and updates on other promos and freebies.

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