Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

Okay…so I have come to believe in the power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction, right? Today, however, I have to write myself this note:

Lemme put it in context: last week, after lunch, my cousin Bee and I decided to take Bubba for a walk. While walking, we were talking about how I was feeling about certain things that were going on with me, what with me resigning from work, feeling a little lost with regards to that and other things around me, as well as the fear of losing half of my salary come end of March. Egaaad. Then I jokingly said, I’m a hairs breath from giving in to the working abroad idea.

For the longest time, I have really made it known that I don’t want to live and work abroad. I love it here too much after all. Besides, I feel like there’s still so much more I have to do here if ever I do decide to make that change. Anyway, in our conversation, I finally said, Sige na, alam ko na…mag yayaya nalang ako dun, parang yung Nanny Diaries lang (okay, okay, I’ll go be a Nanny there instead, just like the character in the Nanny Diaries). Who knows, I may end up in Paris or in Europe, orΒ  I can even get to see the Greek Isles, tour America and stay I end up nga in Paris and get to stay in those luxury new york city hotels. Of course I said that in jest and we had a good laugh throughout our walk.

When we got a bit serious, we talked about how the power of attraction works and calling things out to the universe and all. She told me about an experience she had just the day before when she said she had a feeling she was going to run into her friend in a nearby mall, which was unlikely because she very rarely goes there, and lo and behold, they did run into each other. I also told her how it’s funny that I have a knack for being in sync with some of my friends. For example, there are times when I will text a friend randomly and then I’d get a reply that says how did you know I needed that right about now??? My answer, I dunno πŸ™‚ haha.

Anyway, I had dismissed that uber random conversation my cousin and I had and since then, I had virtually forgotten about it. Today, however, when I opened my email, I saw this:


I literally burst out laughing when I read it because I couldn’t believe it when I read the subject of the mail. Yes, granted I know it is spam, it still made me laugh. Of course when I read it I had to text Bee right away. We were laughing our heads off, I swear πŸ™‚

I did smile, however, when she got serious and replied “Nanny Ri? Di bagay, Teacher Ri nalang. Pang changing lives ka, di diapers. But what a coincidence to get the email men!!!!” (Nanny Ri? Doesn’t suit you. Teacher Ri sounds better. You’re meant to change lives, not diapers)

So, yes, the Universe does listen πŸ™‚ I better stop giving mixed signals then, right? Dear Universe, three months in Paris for a creative writing course please. Je t’aime, au revior.

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