Things that Get In The Way

Last night when I was trying to experiment on some yoga poses, I couldn’t help but remember a quip I made during my last class as I tried to sit in shoelace.

Gah..there’s too much stuff that gets in the way! Haha. What was I referring to? My ginormous thighs and flabby belly. And while they’re teeny (well, teenier than before) things up there in the chest area get all squished and stuff. Yes I know getting them flat will take time and effort, but after looking through lipofuze reviews and other diet blogs, I kinda wish I can just take the easy way out and magically shape and tone my lower body!!! Haha.

To be fair, the top part, except for the arms, I’m okay with. I have one of those “payatin” (skinny-looking) faces so it makes me look much thinner than I really am. Plus I have collarbones that stick out so that, too, gives the impression of weight loss haha 🙂

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