The Secret To Weight Loss

For many women, myself included, one of the most difficult things to do is to find ways to suppress appetite in a healthy, all-natural way. Don’t you agree? Losing weight is really such a challenge I tell you…it entails commitment, hard work and determination. There’s really so much more to it than searching for the best weight loss pills that work.

Let me say, though, that I’m not all for the uber skinny, waif like model thin body, but we all would like to be more fit, right?

As I was saying, one thing we struggle with is being able to control our appetites. For one, hormonal changes make us crave all sorts of things. Secondly, the lifestyle we live now, which is very fast paced and demanding, can make us more likely to crave for the not-so-healthy stuff. While appetite suppressants may be readily available, it is important to also try to keep in mind our health’s safety because at times, these supplements may pose certain risks, especially if we don’t read the fine print. Some things that can help curb appetite include acupuncture, aromatherapy and biofeedback (which technically means listening to your bodies needs and signals).

What works for me, really, is being mindful about my eating habits. It can be tiring, I tell ya, and many times, I feel like it’s so frustrating but I still try my very best to keep at it. After all, sayang naman efforts ko diba? (all my efforts will be wasted if I don’t, right?) Oh, I’ve been chronicling my weight loss journey in a separate blog, Fat Girl No More, so do drop by there soon 🙂

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