Gadget Drooling

I know I shouldn’t but…


photo as seen on sonyinsider.com

sigh sigh siiiiigh.

I have always liked Sony cameras for some reason, even if all the fora say otherwise. Even the low end ones, I loved. However, it was always a little more expensive than the counterpart from Canon or Olympus or what not so I never owned one. Not that I don’t like Sammy and Nikki…but the Sony cameras have always been so super drool worthy.This one is said to be shock proof, water proof, sand proof,dust proof, and even freeze proof (errr…not that I’ll really need that here in the Philippines, unless of course I decide to go into a long term food storage facility for some crazy, insane reason, right? haha).

Another drool worthy camera, in my opinion, is the Canon G12. I sooooo love it. My cousin has one and it’s just soooo fabulous. I love the the flexibility the LCD has and how it is still light and compact (compared to Nikki) despite the powerful features.

Sigh. And so tonight I will drool and dream of all these nice new gadgets. Oh…and let’s not forget that rumored iPad coming out on March 2. Egaaaad.

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