Born This Way

Last night in yoga class I was complaining about how  so many things get in the way of my being able to do the poses correctly and how annoying it can be that I’m so bottom heavy. Oh, and lets not forget that it’s crazy how my arms are not so long and my fingers, very very short.  And egaaad…how I have no arches in my feet (yes, they are super duper insanely flat).

Then just as we were about to do the Warrior pose, my teacher says, you know, we’re just born this way and that kinda knocked some sense into me. I realized that yes, the way I am built may make it difficult for me to get to do poses in the beginning, I can be able to create spaces in my body and work with what I’ve got as I build and strengthen my muscles and connective tissues in both my Ashtanga and Yin yoga practices. True, I wish sometimes I were taller and leaner, and that maybe supplements and hgh shots or supplements can make the process easier, I don’t really need to do it. It’s really accepting things for what they are and just going with it.

Haaaay….why is it so easy to say but so hard to live up to?!?!?

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