Signs of Aging

About two weeks ago, I went to see my doctor and um…she says I have to start taking calcium supplements. Egaaad. I’m getting old. Haha. I have always associated taking vitamin supplements with aging, mainly because when we’re young, we don’t really notice we need it, right? However, in the past few months I have been slowly feeling my age creep in. Yes…I am admitting I am getting old!!! Haha. Even my skin is not as supple and smooth as a few months ago, although I admit, I haven’t been kind to my system these past few months. I’ve eaten too much fatty food, I have taken in too much um, beverages I know better to have taken in haha, and I don’t sleep well. I know that eliminating these will make a big difference and that I wouldn’t need to keep trying out all these acne products just to clear up my skin.

Besides the physical signs of aging, my friend and I keep joking about my new love for being in the quiet nowadays. The other day over lunch she couldn’t help but ask “but what do you do??” and all I could say was that when you get old, too much noise is simply just too tiring. Hehe.

Egaaad……I’m getting old.

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