Project Prettify Me Update

For the past five months or so, I have been working on what I call “Project Prettify Me”. I talk about it a lot in my other blog, Fat Girl No More, but every now and then, I do mention bits and pieces of it here. I’ve been enjoying the whole project, I must say, even though at times I kinda get lazy and overwhelmed by it. But even when that happens, I try my best to still keep at it because I know it’s making a big difference with regards to how I feel about myself. I’ve traded in my flats and flip flops for heels and stilettos, I’ve given up my baggy pants and frumpy shirts, and I’ve learned to not always wear my standard pearls or diamond stud earrings but to also put on a pair of dangling earrings or hoops every now and then.  Please do keep tabs on my project….and errr….I’ve kinda started posting a whole lot of headshots. Comments would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Mwah!!!!

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