Gifts from A Dark Nights Journey

On a journey I once took, not borne out of choice but just because

I found myself lost in a deep, dark place where nothing made sense

No reason, no logic…just endless noise and confusion.

In the dark, without even the pale moon glow to guide me, I was lost…

Blindly I fought my way out, not knowing that by struggling, I only made things worse.

As I fought, I ended up battered and scarred.

Only when I stopped struggling and made room for calm in that fearful unknown did I finally find room to breathe and when I did, the sunshine returned.

And though I made it back to the light of day, I was never the same.

The sparkle and the shimmer returned, but it was a deeper shade, muted to some degree….

So that’s what dark beauty meant, I realized.

And only then did I finally understand what a wise sage once told me…

there are gifts from a dark night of the soul waiting to be claimed…

but only when you have made amends and welcomed that darkness can it be revealed…

And finally I learned that it is only in being still and listening,

Embracing light and dark

Will I see

love. faith. trust . hope. peace. joy. calm. balance

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