Creaky Bones and Feeling Like an Old Woman…

This past week I have discovered yoga. I’ve stretched and moved in ways I haven’t in a long time I tell ya! Yesterday, after a particularly uncomfortable pose (I won’t call it painful because it wasn’t, but it sure didn’t feel so good in the beginning!), I had to get out of position and gently massage my lower back because, yep, I felt like an old stiff woman! In the workshop I was in we all couldn’t help but laugh out loud a bit as our instructor cajoled us about feeling like old women before explaining that this is why we do Yin  Yoga (which I’ll write about in the next few posts, promise :)), to take care of the connective tissues in our bodies and not just creating muscles etcetera etcetera. By preparing our bodies with this practice, she said, you avoid injuries and typical problems older people experience. You know how they always say prevention is better than cure, right? I guess doing this on a regular basis will allow one to have a healthier body thus lessening the need for medical or social security disability insurance claims in the future. As for now, however, I am looking forward to my next session and hoping that next time I won’t feel so old anymore. Haha!

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