Trying Out Beeconomic

Since I turned 18, there was always one thing I wanted but never had the courage to do: get a tattoo. Well, more like never had the money to do haha. However, now that I am older and in a better position to randomly splurge on little things like these, I decided to go do it. Lucky for me I posted a status message on my Facebook profile not too long ago about wanting to get it done and my cousin, Tanya, said for me to wait because she and her team at Beeconomic (which is actually like a local version of Groupon) were cooking up a deal with P&P Tattoo.

A few weeks ago, I saw the link that changed my life 🙂 Nuks…drama! haha.

thank you Beeconomic 🙂 oh...that's the Beekeper, my cousin Anna making faces at the back teeeheeeheee

Seriously though, since I took this as a sign, I immediately signed up for Beeconomic and purchased the P&P coupon and set my appointment.

The end result: I got my first tattoo at 50% off and discovered a whole new addiction. Online shopping, that is hahaha.

So how does the whole Beeconomic work and what is it all about? Well, like I said, it’s like Groupon (which, coincidentally, has just acquired Beeconomic Philippines, woot!), where merchants offer services, products and the like at a discount. The catch: a certain number of coupons have to be sold for the deal to be “tipped” or to “be on”. In short, the merchants will be willing to offer the price if they meet the quota. For my tattoo thing, the deal required 10 coupons to be sold. Each coupon was sold at Php 1000 and it’s face value is actually Php 2000. Also, there’s a whole “delay of gratification” thingy involved because you purchase your coupon during an allotted deal time (usually 2-3 days, sometimes just 1 I think), and wait for the deal to be on.

Payments can be made through a wide array of options, including Paypal and GCash. If in case the deal isn’t tipped, meaning not enough coupons are sold, the deal is off, thus you don’t have to pay for your “purchase”.  The coupon is valid for three months from date of purchase and basically, it works much like a gift certificate or any other coupon you use for purchasing things. In my case, my coupon was worth Php 2000 (which is actually the basic minimum fee charged by P&P for tattoos) and since the tattoo design I had chosen was in that range, I only paid Php 1000 for my ink.

So, in my case, I purchased the coupon on the first day of the promo, had to wait about 67 hours to claim my coupon, and viola…I have my tattoo 🙂 Fun, fun, fun 🙂 Current deals in Beeconomic Philippines include a sign in bonus and a coupon for Sly Boutique.

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    Posted by ann miel on March 12th, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    how do we pay in gcash? its not published on the site. problem is i don’t have a paypal account and a credit card which is a requirement..

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    Posted by yapatoots on March 13th, 2011 at 1:06 am

    hmmmm…im not really sure too. i’ll try to find out for you 🙂

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