Songs On Loop

Me neighbors probably hate me. Not that I mind very much, though, haha.

Why you may wonder? Well, for the past few months since I have been caught up with my art work, I tend to keep my iTunes playing in the background and well, if there’s a song I like it remains stuck at play for countless times. Like once, I fell in love with the song Live Like You’re Dying by Lenka, I played it for about 20 times right after the other. Seriously haha 🙂 Lucky for them I only use my PC as a player and that I don’t have one of those extra large and powerful home theatre system speakers hahaha. Can you imagine hearing the same song (errr…I can but i guess it’s because I like it that way!) over and over and over again? And um…I kinda like melodramatic songs thank you very much teeheeeheee. So dear neighbors, SORRY!!!

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