Serial Sevens: Habits I Dropped (or Lessened at least!) in 2010

In the spirit of ending the year, I’ve been taking a look back at the year that was and I am taking pause to recognize the important lessons and events that have shaped my year. For today, I look at the seven habits I dropped or at least made changes in this past year…

  1. Procrastination and Cramming! Yes…I don’t do this much anymore (well…except for my clinic work! teeheeehee….). I have seen that by planning ahead, I do better (duh!) and I am able to see things clearer. Downside, however, without the cramming, I kinda have too much time to focus on non-essential stuff which tends to throw me off course.
  2. Biting my nails 🙂 ’nuff said.
  3. Speaking without thinking. I have become more mindful about what I say, at least with most people, but there are some conversations with some people that still reek of verbal diarrhea teeheeeheee….lemme put that in a better way: some conversations are just so candid and carefree that I still speak without thinking, but of course, this only happens when I know the person I am talking to gets me and what I mean. 🙂
  4. Asking too many questions (also known as prying!). Before, I had trouble being okay with ambiguity when dealing with people, especially those I love. So when they say something, I want to know the full story and all details. Now, I can deal with the whole “I don’t really want to talk about it” or “let’s just leave it at that” .
  5. Eating mindlessly and just to cover up feelings. Like I said in my other blog, I am working on being a Fat Girl No More, right???
  6. Clinging on to old dreams and false hopes. Yes, sometimes when I lie awake in the mattresses laid out in my floor (errr…I don’t sleep in a real bed coz of Bubba…long story! teeeheeeheee), I find myself a wee bit sad and nostalgic about these things, but I have learned to give that sadness some space, that feeling of loneliness some recognition, but then I let it go when it is done. I don’t allow it to run my life anymore. 🙂 As I said before, I am letting go of the complicated 🙂
  7. Taking on more than I can. I say no now, and at times, I still feel guilty because I know I cause disappointments or displeasure, but I realized that if I just keep saying yes when I can’t, that leaves nothing for me.

Oooh…there are more to add here, and I didn’t realize it! I do recognize though, that there are habits that I need to work on too, as well as behaviors, thought patterns and all…but that’s a whole other post!!! 🙂

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