Serial Sevens: Getting my Finances in Order

In less than a month, we will usher in 2011, and although my goal this year was to be more mindful about my finances, well, let’s just say it’s something I still haven’t gotten in order haha.

For 2011, however, here are seven things I hope to plan and save better for:

  1. My iMac 🙂 Well, of course this would only happen if I meet my weight loss goal
  2. Updating my insurance policies: comprehensive car insurance and my HMO plan. Since I’ve also completed the premiums for my life insurance, I may consider checking out a new term life insurance quote
  3. Cleaning up my credit card debt. Yes…I fell into the trap haha.
  4. Setting aside some cash for a class to take. I haven’t decided yet if I want to take a French classes, or yoga.
  5. Me Day Mondays
  6. A road trip
  7. Building a small nest egg for investments

What about you? What will you plan for this coming 2011?

Share your opinion! Post your thoughts.

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