Monkey See, Monkey Do

see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

Today in school I was wrapping up empty Yakult bottles in brown crepe paper for our nativity project when lo and behold, one of the kids took one of the bottles and started “smoking” it like a cigar. Errr….let’s just say despite my years of teaching, I still get a wee bit surprised when I see things like this happen in class. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not pinning blame on anyone, because there is not ONE person to identify as the cause of such behaviors but I can’t help but think how crazy this world has become. For one, we expect our children to behave but WE don’t. For example, one of the things I keep telling my kids is to share…but take a look at our behaviors as grown ups…we often forget to do that. I guess in a way it was a reminder for me that, my little monkeys (oh, I go from Mommy Shark, to Mommy Chicken, to Mommy Monkey every so often in class, it’s a game we like to play haha!), do what they see grown ups do.

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